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Education and Modern Technologies – Positive and Negative Impact

Much has been written about the positive and negative impact of education and modern technologies on the human species

For example, the Industrial Revolution significantly reduced the amount of time required to complete a task. The advent of the new scientific and technological advances, have also impacted positively upon the lives of humankind.

Much of the confusion about these two diverse aspects of education and modern technologies is based upon the fact that there are many different cultures who all work with the knowledge that we now use in our homes. This knowledge is used to improve on each other’s process. Some of these processes are things like cementing, water and steam processing, and even the types of carriages or steam powered transport that we now use. It is important to know that this knowledge was not introduced by the few scientists who made these discoveries; rather it is a process that has been around for many centuries.

In general, we can say that modern technologies and education have a very positive effect on humankind. Education is something that everyone benefits from, and the improvement that occurs in the number of people in the world can be directly linked to education and technological developments.

Because of the improvements that these innovations have brought to the world, people have become much more educated and advancements in technology are now being noticed in educational achievements. These advancements allow us to communicate with more people, which in turn provides us with more choices, and education is no exception.

However, there is still concern about the level of educational achievement. There is more of a need to invest in high quality education, so that it has an even chance of going to students who are unable to pay.

Education can also be seen as a threat to jobs and the commercialisation of knowledge. But, with the current state of affairs and the difficulty of living in the world today, people have every right to demand more education.

It is common sense that the more educated you are, the more opportunity you will have to make money and in turn, the more advances you will be able to make in the modern technologies that the education takes place in. This then leads to a cycle where people with advanced education can open up new and exciting industries for the rest of us.

What do we do with the concern that education and modern technologies could be damaging to the educational achievement? Is it possible that people should just stop studying and go back to working outside the home, and maybe if you have to ask that question, then the answer is yes!

Education and modern technologies can have a positive and negative impact on our society, and there are consequences that can be seen in the way we live and work, but those effects have to be viewed in the context of today’s modern society. That is not to say that there are not negative aspects that cannot be managed, but that in reality, education and modern technologies have positive impacts that need to be addressed.

Education and modern technologies can help to create the workforce of the future and create the educational achievement of the future. It is this legacy that the world needs to ensure that children in the future will be encouraged to study and learn.

Education and modern technologies can help to ensure that humanity does not suffer from illiteracy, and that literacy, knowledge and communication are the norm. This is certainly a good thing.

Thus, although education and modern technologies have a negative and positive impact upon our society, it is undeniable that they have both a positive and negative influence upon our economy and future. We simply need to find a balance between the two and we will be able to ensure that the impact is positive and not negative.