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5 Common Red Flags to Note Before Placing Your Online Thesis Order

Features of a Trustworthy Thesis Writing Service

A trustworthy writing service is easy to track when you pay attention to their services and find quick essay writer. Before signing up to any site, ensure you research the site. Ask around from friends who have used the service before and their experience.

The first sign of trustworthy writing service is one that features credible reviews and testimonials from clients. Most academic sites are editing their proposals to give off a better impression. Therefore, read through the comment section on online searches about the writing service.

Furthermore, a credible writing service boasts of a high number of return customers. Where else would you want to go when you received a stellar thesis order from the site? Besides, a good writing company caters to the needs of the customers. It cares about giving you a quality paper that impresses your instructor.

Moreover, to achieve the quality paper, the company hires experts in different study fields for customized help. The writers are graduates from their respective fields with immense experience in the writing world. Most firms highlight the profile of the writers while giving their academic stats for clients.

Red Flags to Keep an Eye On

Unfortunately, there exist fraudulent online writing services that scam students. It can be discouraging to lose your money and have to write your thesis order from scratch. Fortunately, there are various ways you can use in determining the authenticity of a particular online writing service. Here are the different red flags you should watch:

Cheap Services

Let’s face it, who cannot be tempted with a low-cost thesis? However, at what cost? Most cheap services end up, resulting in a poorly written thesis. Therefore, it is worth investing in a stellar writing service that charges accordingly with the quality of services you should expect. Some writing services exist that low offer prices without compromising on the quality of the paper.

Edited Testimonials

Sometimes you read a testimonial and get convinced it is computer generated. In case a writing service can go to the length of editing a testimonial, what does it say about its writing services? It is one area you should keep an open eye for.


Most of the legit online writing services go by a trademark. Furthermore, the trademark must be registered before operating online. In case a writing service lacks a trademark, you should take it as a red flag before placing your thesis order. A trademark can be a well-known logo of the firm.

Customer Support

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving no response after placing your order. It feels like a con from the writing service. Test the response time of the customer support from the site before placing your order. In case the customer support takes hours to reply, you should take that as a red flag to avoid the site.

Free Samples

In case an online writing service has nothing to hide, they will not hesitate to give you free samples. Free samples are a great way to know what you should expect with the final paper. You can use either to decide to place your order in case it meets your expectations.

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